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Advantages of Buying a Premium Domain Name

Using a direct domain name for your business lends credibility through ease of marketing, word of mouth business, selection in search results and dominance by directly describing your business. The benefits of owning and using a solid generic domain name are numerous and include:

• Credibility & Respect

• Instant Traffic

• More Effective Pay-Per-Click Ad Campaigns

• Advantage over Competition

• Branding and Marketing

• Search Engine Ranking

• Investment

• Ownership

• Low cost renewal

• Business Growth

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About Laguna Ventures

Headquartered in Laguna Beach, California, USA, these domain names were purchased by an experienced businessman in the equipment and property rental industry. These powerful keyword domain names have just recently been made available for sale in late 2019. You will be dealing directly with an individual experienced in domain name sales and transfers.

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